Tips For Managing Spills

Decorating your home with area rugs can be full of excitement and fun while you’re spending your days planning the final look, price, and the style of the rug of your dreams. But, one small mistake can ruin your rug’s ‘life’ in a minute. It isn’t a secret that stains from spills are every rug’s worst nightmare!

Persistent moisture or continuous exposure to water and other liquids aren’t the best choices for your rugs, especially if you intend to have them for long-term periods. So, you need to be aware of every potential danger that your rug might face and surely – try to protect the carpets from any damage.

Why Would Spills Be A Potential Issue?

Liquids are dangerous for the materials that rugs are made from. All drinks, except water, and potentially hazardous liquids could have sugar in their composition. When the damage is done, you could always blot the liquid with a clean cloth, but the sugar will surely stay in your rug.

Even though the rug would look healthy and elegant, the sugars would surely stay soaked deeply into the material. The carpet would remain sticky, and it probably would attract more dirt around the area that was covered with liquids. It is the main reason why a rug should be adequately cleaned immediately after a single spill.

Avoiding Potential Spills On Rugs

To protect your rugs and to avoid beverage spills, try keeping them in areas that don’t have much traffic during the day. It’s hard to avoid using rugs as floorings in your favorite and most used rooms, but try places that need décor and at the same time, don’t receive a lot of foot traffic.

Ways Of Cleaning Spills

The best and the most logical way of preventing damage from spills on your rugs is to act immediately; at the same moment, the accidental spill occurs. All liquids don’t behave the same when they come in contact with the material of the rug, and some may start spreading quickly. Others can cause fading of the primary color or even discolorations.

However, there are a couple of things that you must know before you start cleaning the rug, to save it from receiving permanent stains. Don’t use chemical cleaners or detergents. They have aggressive natures and some may affect the colors of the rug as well. Instead of using potentially dangerous cleaners, try using some of the universal DIY cleansers – I bet you already have all the needed ingredients in your kitchens!

  • You just need to mix equal quantities of tap water and white vinegar. This DIY-detergent is safe for all your rug materials, and it won’t do any damages to your favorite rug.
  • Shake well before use and spray it over the critical area.
  • A wet towel placed over the stain would be a tremendous life-saving tool. The damp cloth would absorb the excess of the liquid and then you could work on its cleaning.
  • Use wet towels or sponges and always remember to blot the surface and not to rub around the stain. Rubbing the surface of the rug can cause many damages – especially to its structure. It wouldn’t help you at all because you’d just speed up the absorption process of the stain and it would start penetrating deeper into the structure of the material.

There’s always a solution for dealing with accidental spills on your favorite rugs. You just need to stay calm, act fast and think smart. And remember, don’t rub the nasty stain, blot it!

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